For the love of traditional martial arts for the right reasons... creating respectable character, awareness and physically fit people.

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Friend’s Day!

We will be hosting your friends in class, October 28-30. Feel free to invite your friend(s) to class and have them experience the joy of martial arts! Watch for some invites to be available during class!

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Testing and dates Happy September! Testing is going to be held Oct 7-10, 2019. It’s coming quickly. Be sure to sign up on the testing sign up sheet at class in the next couple of weeks. We will also need to have a kindness list and test fees paid to MAIV. There will be no

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Spring 2019: Friends, Testing, Classes Cancelled, New ideas and more…

Greetings, Taekwondo fans! I’ll try to make this quick (it’s a lot) – PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS – let’s set some goals and help each other to be successful… help me to help your kids! Next week, March 11-14, is “Bring a friend to class (week) – any class…” we need members! We will be

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