Spring 2019: Friends, Testing, Classes Cancelled, New ideas and more…

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Spring 2019: Friends, Testing, Classes Cancelled, New ideas and more…

Greetings, Taekwondo fans!

I’ll try to make this quick (it’s a lot) – PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS – let’s set some goals and help each other to be successful… help me to help your kids!

  • Next week, March 11-14, is “Bring a friend to class (week) – any class…” we need members! We will be having fun martial arts classes and games. Attached is a pdf to share with friends and read for more info – easy to snapshot a pic on your phone and text to friends and family. Please be sure to arrive early for class – it’s hard on a kid when he/she arrives late and has no clue what to expect…
  • Beginning this week, our Tues/Thursday classes that begin at 6:30pm will change – was an hour long class  – now will be a family-friendly 45 minutes (ends at 7:15pm). Everyone is welcome to attend those classes… family time! Here is a copy of the latest schedule (and this class is this is the only change)/MAIV Brochure.(Pass it on)
  • The next testing is scheduled for the week of April 15, 2019.  Awards are scheduled for Tuesday, April 30, during classes (possibly Monday, April 29). The last testing before July break is the week of June 17.
  • We will be CLOSED FOR SPRING BREAK the week of April 22, 2019 – NO CLASSES.
  • I am discontinuing “mid-term/white stripe” testing for Blue and Purple Belts. We will continue to implement the white stripe testing for red and brown belts. Minimum age for board breaks is now 8 years old… 
  • There will be no classes held in the month of July. See/text/call me if you have any questions. Classes will resume Monday, August 5, 2019.
  • Please: we welcome you to drop in on class and see your child/family member’s progress. Your support is much appreciated and your child and I would love to see you AT and even IN class!
  • If you are in need of a MAIV tshirt, please check out our STORE.
  • Need taekwondo related equipment? I can help… sparring gear, pads and more (new uniforms/pants).

Your support, Mrs. Hawkins’ help and the smiling faces and good humor of your kids make my job a fun and awesome one – THANK YOU!  — Lara Penny

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