We're looking to invite you on once or twice monthly hiking adventures in the Northern California areas and locally in Vacaville, CA.

We are especially interested in helping those kids (ages 9 and up) who may not have many opportunities to experience nature and hiking.

This program is in its beginning stages - but we welcome you to shoot us an email or text if you are interested in being a part of this program or if you want to join us for challenging yet not back breaking, non-competitive morning of hiking on occasion.

Watch this website for information on upcoming hikes and please feel free to make suggestions for hikes and any ideas that will help us to serve those in need of outdoor education/enjoyment.

07/02/16 – Dipsea Steep Ravine Matt Davis Loop Trail

MattDavisFrom All Trails:

Hike from the Pacific Ocean all the way up to The Muir Woods Visitor Center. There area spectacular ocean views, rushing creeks, and pretty waterfalls. The hike begins along the Dipsea Trail at Stinson Beach. It climbs gradually with many ocean views until you reach its' junction with the Steep Ravine Trail. From here it climbs 1000 ft. to Pantoll ranger station in 1.5 miles. It may seem difficult and steep, but we did not find it too bad. There are two significant waterfalls along Webb Creek in Steep Ravine. The upper one is interesting because you have to climb up the waterfall via a 10 ft. high ladder. These waterfalls are best seen in the winter or early spring months, after there has been a lot of rain. Once at Pantoll, cross the highway and head back down to Stinson Beach via the Matt Davis trail. You will find more great ocean views on this trail. Many people like to do this hike in the reverse direction, going up Matt Davis trail and down Steep Ravine. But the Matt Davis trail is longer (4 miles) and it is all up hill if you go this way.

More info at All Trails (external link)

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